Feral Exhibition
Darren Clarke

My practice attempts to make sense of the world and understand the nature of super-metaphysics through investigation. After ritualistic creations of substances like spring water and sea-salt being transformed into sacred or negative entities, my investigations commence. I incorporate the use of scientific tools and techniques in an attempt to differentiate the samples and search for any possible signs of the ‘impossible’ existence of the supernatural. My practice is inspired by both personal and shared experiences of a seemingly inaccessible and elusive impossibility that continues to evade any real confirmation of its existence, apart from random and ‘unexplainable’ events that occur.

The images created are manifestations of a world of curiosity, confusion and investigation of happenings that perpetually inspire consideration but never deliver lucidity. The images are time, labour and subject transformed into artistic and positive works which prospectively deconstruct our notions of the possibility and the impossibility of a super-metaphysical reality.