Feral Exhibition
Christopher Dobinson

I am a practical practicing artist; working with a whole range of visual approaches in my work. I use different medias to approach my practice such as drawing, painting, sculpture Installations, photography and video.

The work is created into the new contemporary world of art in the areas of space and architecture. I show the familiar and the recognisable or the unfamiliar; in order to bring the audience's attention to that which could have the same effect in our memories or in a different way.

The installations interact with the audience that is physical and willing to let them explore the space or not allow them into the installation, as the audience engage their own experience, our activity behaviours are then been completed between the viewer and the artwork.

The subjects of my interest is the boundaries of the “House of Space” the private and living space’s. Then have continued on focusing of enclosed interior spaces that is the subject of the narrative, related to my experience and memories. The memory experiences are pacifically being homely, sheltered, hiding, locking secrets and the everyday home life from our human culture.