Feral Exhibition
Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold is a sculptor and gothic rock musician; who specialises in dark, explosive and disturbing explorations of the human consciousness. Gold's work is fixated with Man's continuous struggle to grapple with the reality of his plight; in the seemingly incomprehensible, vast complexity of the cosmos as well as his own psychological makeup. Gold works with large scale cardboard and papier-mâché sculptures; as well as producing and performing within the black metal and industrial music genres. Chronology plays an important role in Gold's work because of his exploration and research into chaos theory and the butterfly effect. Through basing his ideas on these concepts; Gold is able to develop a deeper understanding into Man’s determined and often violent attempts at controlling his future and nature itself. Gold also explores how past powers have attempted to alter history by erecting obelisks through time; to change his descendants’ understanding of their past and origins. Our historical records show how these acts of influence, in many cases, create sequences of events equally destructive as they are horrific; taking generations if not centuries for civilisations to regain equilibrium among their cultures.