Feral Exhibition
Lizi Hoar

Lizi Hoar’s interactive sculptures are made up entirely of found objects; all of which are pre-used and seemingly redundant. It is important the work’s integrity that each component in a piece has a history and its own narrative; and one that is now perceived to be over or worthless. By breathing life back into the objects used in the work; they reject their previous ‘outcast’ status and alter their intent.

Manipulating an old object and altering its original state to create something new; provokes the viewer to see it as something that challenges its original intention. In an effort to leave the present and transport the viewer to another time or place or psychological state; a confusion of boundaries is provoked, between everyday ordinariness and the potential for the fantastical.

The artist’s practice is founded on a basic naive idealism in the ability to alter the perceptions of an audience using discarded and unwanted materials. Each ingredient of the sculpture has been thrown away or rejected by someone. The work takes what society doesn’t want and turns into something of worth. Taking influence and inspiration from ancient gypsy traditions and carnival aesthetics; the works give the illusion of a travelling sideshow of wonderment and imagination, a box of curiosities waiting to be revealed. Through the use of disposed materials; the work references the wastefulness of our society.

The work embodies the ghosts of travelling carnivals, of imagination, wonderment and trickery. Impelling the viewer to engage their creative mind and curious nature.