Feral Exhibition
Hollie Mackenzie

Hollie Mackenzie's practice explores the notions of utopia and dystopia; creating her own version of a dystopian landscape in the form of an installation.

She applies a process of transforming a particular site into that of a dystopian deteriorating landscape; creating site-specific pieces that distort their surroundings and environment to present a sort of deviant reality. Reading this presented dystopian reality; the audience interprets its proximity to the one we live in.

Taking a part of the site; whether it is the ceiling, walls or the stairs, Mackenzie distorts it to a point that it no longer functions as an element in the building's design but becomes something dystopian. The theatrical and deviant realities of the installations present extreme and unfamiliar situations for the viewer to engage in. Becoming an adventurous participant; the viewer experiences this otherworldly encounter created by Hollie Mackenzie.