Feral Exhibition
Chloe Minihane-Slater

Conceptually Chloe Minihane-Slater’s practice is centred on the sculptural aspects of visual language systems; exploring structures commonly used on paper that isolate the raw, infinite, bareness of communication through the absence of words and text. The speech bubble and the mind map have become a particular focus in her current work.

Her interest in what arises from symbolic systems when translated into physical sculptures is the core of her artistic practice. How this changes their purpose and function. The contextual setting is a key concern in creating a narrative and dialogue between the vacant object, their environment and the public; questioning the relationships between the objects she makes and the environment they exist in.

In utilising materials she feels are appropriate in enhancing both the visual impact, meaning or provocative nature of the piece, her work takes on a vast spectrum of materials and techniques. This is a crucial element of her artistic framework and development.