Feral Exhibition
Marianne Moggridge

Using found objects with sound and images that reflect a nostalgic memory; Marianne Moggridge invites the viewer to consider the relationship between self and object and ask questions about our shared human experience. Memory, loss, child selves, and fragmented existences are themes that drive the work; pieces that are constantly in process with potential to become something else, playful, witty and sometimes uncomfortable. The struggle in the process of making is left deliberately for the viewer to be aware. Anxiety and tension are present within a playfulness, expressing a duality .Opposites as in child and adult, coherency and ambiguity, unfinished and expired, are presented within the pieces. She reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary, objects are interpreted, juxtaposed and manipulated as emerging narratives form. Familiarity with new meaning are conveyed. Relationships and vulnerability in dependancy are key issues and there is a sense of deep sensitivity and affection intended within the work.