Feral Exhibition
Alec Roberts

Alec Roberts’s current practice is focusing on video. His focus has been on spirituality and the enlightenment of oneself.

Through focusing on theories such as Mandala drawings, Plato’s cave allegory theory, that ‘the body is the prison for the soul’ and Karl Jung's theories on Archetypes. The work looks at good and bad states (Yin and Yang) of the mind and their representation through light or lack of light.

The work is also related around the relationship between light and dark. Alec takes the viewer on a rhythmic journey which conjures up abstract images and sounds. These images and sounds are set up to create anticipation and discomfort. Alec has concentrated on this process of ascension and descension through Archetypal characters; such as the true self and the shadow Archetype. Through video, Roberts’s work illustrates this struggle to fulfil this spiritual enlightenment within the unconscious mind.