Feral Exhibition
Alice Williams

The playfulness in Williams’ work comes from it’s ability to evoke a double take, and in turn with an element of humour and play, evoke a positive model of wrongness. Her practice acts as an investigation into art as an encounter, exploring how associations, expectations, point of encounter and past experiences of the everyday environment can make you see things for not how they truly exist in the world. New encounters are perceived more comfortably when they are familiar, to such an extent that they may be overlooked or ignored. However, if objects are perceived uncomfortably they are more likely to draw our attention. Williams' intention is to create encounters that are somewhere in between the two; familiar, yet unfamiliar, comfortable in our perception of what we think their reality should be, yet uncomfortable. Through interventions both inside and outside, the link in experience between the institutional space and the everyday is explored, and our ability, if any, to situate the everyday in a gallery setting.