Feral Exhibition
Lola Lazaro Hinks

‘Hello, world’ represents the metropolis as a complex organism, one which lives, grows, evolves and ultimately ceases to exist. The city is a vessel to critique society. Since its origins architecture has provided a form for the desire of human beings to evolve, develop, improve and in some way be remembered. These monuments that we leave behind make us immortal, as our life is not, they are our souls shouting ‘we exist, we were here’ (Bradford, M.). ‘The visible world is no longer a reality and the unseen world is no longer a dream’ (Yeats, W. B.). ‘Hello, world’ explores a new type of urban tissue, the silicon, saturated, invisible world of the online, creating tensions between the real and the virtual. It offers the viewer an immersive experience of contemporary culture and an exploration of our reliance on the technology that supports us. The work presents a near-future place in which virtual reality has become the basis of entertainment and the more significant part of life for most of the first world population, suggesting we are surrounded by a dream world, a hyperreality, no longer based on anything identifiably real.