Feral Exhibition
Claire Organ

Nudity is not an object for sexual desire only within a man's world.

In a society where the female nude is often associated with the pornographic image or romanticised as a mystical object, Fleshed Out documents the female body through the female gaze. Influenced by feminist critiques Claire celebrates the female form as seen from a feminine perspective. Often a subject matter for the male artist, the female subject glimpsed in her own space has a long history of romantic idealization. The artists’ self-portraits however, look at how we interact with our everyday, domestic surroundings, playing with the stereotypical roles and gestures often associated to the female gender. By cropping out her face, the intimate surroundings become the only insight into her identity and lifestyle.

Above all else, Fleshed Out is about boldly proclaiming femininity and celebrating our “flaws”. Focusing on small areas of the female nude, captured from specific viewpoints, Claire's aim is to praise the anti-spectacular body.