Feral Exhibition
Max Quinn

As a celebration and a critical analysis of Brutalist architecture, ‘Brutalism’ seeks to create a new synthesis for a style outdated both visually and conceptually in order to encourage the viewer to ‘examine the fancies and conceits which lurk within our own minds and personalities’ (Barton S. (1972) Monumental Follies) in regards to this much hated style. Reconfigured into monolithic follies in the rural countryside, the buildings become impenetrable and are completely removed of function in order to focus on the form of an architecture that was defined by its function over form ethos. Through this, it both criticizes the architectures failure to perform in a functional context and celebrates aesthetics that were the by product of this functional failure. These "machine[s] for living" (Le Corbusier, Vers Une Architecture, 1923) become simply monuments that stand as memorials to a dying style of architecture.