Feral Exhibition
Lauren Adele Sutton

I have an attraction to representation within images. This interest spans across a few disciplines, however I have a predominant affinity towards drawing and photography.

I work mostly with the photographic object. I like to explore its possibilities, its form and methods of communication, paying more attention to it as an ‘item’ rather than simply a surface image. The human psyche is fascinating to me, and through my work I aim to ignite its very process of perception. I explore how we react to the photograph, both physiologically and psychologically.

My piece Ocular Perception presents my audience with acknowledgement of their own perception. The work encourages one to physically react and notice their action in the process. We all too often overlook the photograph as object and look straight to the image, here with raw collage and crude construction I illuminate the object and introduce the audience to the form and its illusory possibilities.

My work takes great influence from Gestalt theory, evidencing how we strive for meaning in everything we encounter and work to complete the incomplete.