Feral Exhibition
Becky Welford

Becky is a documentary photographer currently based in Bournemouth/Oxford. South America has been her focus over the past three years, taking photographs for chairties. Finishing her degree in Photography at The Arts University in Bournemouth, she is now looking to expand her portfolio to other countries. Becky went to Guatemala in January 2012 to document and understand how a a broken and damaged society is now living after a 36 year Civil War. As a result, high levels of violence and crime are now even higher than during the war itself. Her work looks at the stronghold the Civil War currently has over Guatemala, she displays a legacy of fear and distrust amongst the people in her work. With the country developing, there is space for mended extractions to be replaced in the future. Although the ‘lost decade’ left a gap in Guatemala’s society, the fragments metaphorical nature in her work show a nation trying to repair the damage that covers it. Consequently, as the broken gaps are mended, the past can hopefully be left behind.